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Yuri’s Blitz #30 – 1v1, 1200 ladder rating or lower

Monday, 23th of October.
18:00 GMT+3 (Moscow time). Tournament played live on Yuri’s stream. 1st round (on challonge) played simultaneously, so no need to observe every game, and tournament is faster (and can service more players).

Ultra-prize is Battlefield One account.

Blitz tournament, fast 1v1 on random 5x5km maps (whichever Yuri chooses if he’s observing in-game live, or whichever 2 players agree on when they play, Yuri watching another game).
Ladder rating 1200 or less. Games played – 50 or more.
All games BO1 (1 win moves forward), Finals are BO5 (need 3 wins to become the Blitz Master).

In Finals maps are choosed by players (taking turns). It can be 5x5km or 10x10km.

Signup here Please edit your nickname so it is exactly like in FAF, and put your global rating in brackets next to your nickname there.
You need to check-in on challonge before the tournament (from 17:30 to 18:00 Moscow time, if you are not checked-in, then Yuri assume you didn’t show up).

Regarding disconnects: rehost game if a player disconnects or crashes for 1st time during first two minutes of the match. Crash or disconnect later than 2 minutes – player considered destroyed. 2nd crash or disconnect – no rehost.


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