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FAF Development Call #12 – 01/10/2017

Hello Commanders!
The council and developers of FAF have discussed some new topics that can be found on our channel. We streamed the video so you can have a look at what has been discussed.

Here’s the video for you:

Administrative Topics:

Visionik (who used to pay for Slack and the server until recently) is currently still paying for the emails and owns the limited liability company that owns FAF (sheoo will take over that as well).
Please note: This was planned and Visionik did NOT leave due to personal disagreements with the developers.

New Server:

The server is hosted by a German host called Hetzner
The current monthly charges for this server are roughly 40€/month. Our planned server cost ~100€/month with the test server and additional services once ICE is implemented.
A big thanks to our supporters on Patreon who cover the cost – additional money may go to tourneys or bounties for developers.

Ladder Map Repititon:

Currently the map selection is purely random (from a pool of 7).
Last played map might not be selected in the future to avoid repetition
code link:

Rating of BHedit:
Assuming the mod doesn’t break due to the 3690 patch it will become rated.

– Galactic War:
New developers for frontend have stepped up to help bring this mode back. Progress on universe generation, solar system names and commander names.
The biggest task: integrating everything into the server – The issue: Brutus can’t do it on the python server but he will do it on the java server (which will replace the python server).
If someone else wants to implement it into the python server then feel free to contact Brutus via slack (access to slack can be obtained by contacting a FAF moderator).

3690 patch:
Mostly bugfix patch – no big additions such as notify.
Currently playable via the FAFdevelopment featured mode | changelog link:
Should become the regular FAF patch before the end of November.
LUA programmers are as always welcome to help us.

RKS explosion:
Fixed by speed2, crotalus and icedreamer.
Playable with the FAF development featured mod – playable with the regular patch once 3690 is rolled out.
Bug reports are welcome. If you find a bug, please submit it ASAP.

Website Devs Wanted:
Mostly JavaScript github repo:

– Mod Vault Search:
Issues with the API that will be fixed in the future (currently using the secondary server which will be replaced).

– Missing Flags:
We’ve concluded this could be due to outdated geoIP data.

Map and Mod Vault Cleansing:
Duplicates that are not needed will be hidden in the future.
Featured maps could be a way to promote good maps easier.

Wiki file upload and account creation broken:
We would like some help to fix this. If you would like to volunteer, please let us know.

ICE status:
The ICE adapter has been rewritten in C++.
Tests are currently being carried out and improvements to the adapter are being made.

Partially implemented in Downlord’s client.
Generating the patch files on the server needs to be done.
After that it needs to be implemented in the python client as well.

Unit Database:
New database (spooky has incorrect calculations) and old database needs to be fed current information but we lack the permission to publish the source code.

Shared Armies Mod:
Mod is functional but requires a patched executable which will be shipped with 3690.

A big thank you to all of our Patreon supporters for helping us out. If you would like to watch the video to view the full discussion after reading these highlights, please follow the link above the list.

Happy Hunting All and thank you for continuing to use FAF.