Forged Alliance Forever

The community-driven lobby for Supreme Commander : Forged Alliance.

2017-12-18 Server Update v0.9.8

The server has been updated to v0.9.8.

  • Updated the GeoIP database which is responsible for displaying country flags (thanks MathieuB8)
  • Fixed Link-to-Steam URL (thanks MathieuB8)
  • Improved smurf-protection and measures against people flooding FAF with fake accounts
  • Improved API to support the new moderator tool functionalities, especially for cleaning up the map vault (thanks Brutus5000)
  • Improved API to support better map/mod/replay vaults, especially sorting by rating

I will start future server updates with a news post to make people better aware of it. Also, I recommend everyone to sign up at where you’ll receive notifications about the status of FAF.

Update: Actually, I did a mistake and the server has not yet been updated to 0.9.8 as I thought. I scheduled another restart at 08:00 CET which will then update to 0.9.8 for good.

– Downlord