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New 1v1 Automatch Map Pool

Hello Commanders!
1v1 automatch map pool has been updated, so go ahead and try it out!
This map pool will last from today, until 11th of December, when it will take a pause for a week, where a special pool for the ‘Ladder Week’ will take place. Then it will resume until 1st of January.
Don’t forget to check out the ladder week contest:
The map pool is the following:

5km maps

Theta Passage 5 – A small map for fast games. ACU combat with T1 Spam will dominate on this map. – stays from previous rotation

10km maps

Farce in tha Forest – a heavy-expansion land map – stays from previous rotation
Flooded Niflheim – naval map with potential agressive expansions
Winter Twin Rivers – land focused map with island expansions and a lot of mexes to operate with. Also features small amount of reclaim in the middle of the map to boost up your early game
Syrtis Major – land map with big drop/raid potential on sides, heavy reclaim and civilians in the middle temporarily blocking direct attack
TAG_Craftious Maximus – a hard map that utilize all land/naval/air gameplay, with crucial side expansions and only transport-accessible expansions on sides

20km maps

Pelagial v2 – a 20km naval map, with transport rush as dominating strategy early on

Have fun playing commanders!

-Your player councillor, Tokyto_