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Equilibrium 2v2 Tourney #2

Yes, the time is here! Pair up with a friend, aquaintance, or otherwise positively disposed individual and participate in this soothing experience!

First place: Fixed In Equilibrium Avatar Image + 10 Euros for EACH member of the team!
Second place: Faction Face Avatar + 5 Euros for EACH member of the team!
Third place: Faction Logo Avatar

To sign up, post your name in the forum thread here or use the challonge link to: If you do not have a forum account, contact a Tournament Director, he will proxy sign you up (Tokyto_). If you have any questions contact a Tournament Director, please don’t clutter the thread. Thank you.
You can sign up as a team, or alone. If you sign up alone, a team-mate will be picked for you when the tourney starts.
When signing up, pick a name for your team, if you dont you will get one assigned for you. Don’t worry, they will be great!

For more info, the rules, and to sign up, visit the tournament thread here: