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Game Patch 3692, Shared Armies and FAF Promotional Video

Season’s greetings commanders!

We are very pleased to be able to announce a nice, patch-shaped welcome to December. Some highlights…

– An overhauled and refined lobby Mod Manager
– Fixes for some game crash bugs
– Salvation reclassified as an Experimental unit

As always, the full changelog can be found here.

This time though, there’s more! Alongside the game files, we have also updated the game’s core EXE file in such a way as to allow the long-awaited Shared Armies mode! Currently, you will need to download the alpha version of the Shared Armies mod from the Vault and read the changelog for how to set up your lobby, but it will allow you to play games where multiple people control one army. I highly recommend trying it out. Close teamwork is essential, and voice communication is probably going to be a core part of it, but I expect to see some great tournament proposals using this in the coming months.

Finally, Medicraze has continued his work on high-quality video production to create a promotional video for FAF! It can be viewed here, and it’s worth sending to all those silly friends who haven’t become hooked by this game yet. Thank you Medicraze!

Happy hunting!