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LegendOfTheStars Backup Slots Tournament

9th of December, 17:00 GMT/18:00 CET
This Tournament is part of LegendOfTheStars End-of-Year-Championship 2017
This is a 1v1 tournament with no rating limit. Additionally, players who already won a spot in the ‘End-of-Year-Championship 2017’ cant sign up. Thank you.
Prize pool:
  • First place: Tournament Champion Avatar
  • Second place: Faction Face Avatar
  • Third place: Faction Logo Avatar
  • Respectively to their position in this tourney, players will substitute for missing players in the ‘End-of-Year-Championship 2017’ tournament!
You can sign up directly via challonge:
Or you can post your name on forums here:
Alternatively, you can contact me, I will proxy sign you up (Tokyto_ in the FAF client or PM on forums).

This tournament is sponsored by LegendOfTheStars!

-Your Player Councillor, Toktyo_