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Yuri’s Blitz #38 – PARAGON

Thursday, 14th of December.
18:00 Moscow time. Tournament played live on Yuri’s stream. For better understanding of time you can look here: will show you what time it is now in Moscow).

Different 10×10 maps.
Mod activated: Prebuilt Paragon v1.
No other mods.
No cybran in the tournament.

Groups of 4 players. Maximum amount of players is not restricted.

4 players. Who wins the game – gets a point. 2 or 3 points wins the finals (2 or 3 is decided by me before finals, based on how long previous 4 games took).

Signup here
You need to check-in on challonge before the tournament (from 17:30 to 18:00 Moscow time, if you are not checked-in, then you are out).

Regarding disconnects: rehost game if a player disconnects or crashes for 1st time during first two minutes of the match. Crash or disconnect later than 2 minutes – player considered destroyed. 2nd crash or disconnect – no rehost.

Full details: