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Public ICE client connectivity test

If you haven’t been following the news, Muellni and other devs have been working on a new connectivity solution for FA – one that will hopefully lead to less connection issues, much more reliable reconnecting and easier LAN games. This work, along with exhaustive testing and bug fixing, took over a year – and is almost at an end.

As a final test, we are releasing the FAForever ICE connectivity client to the public. We encourage you to try it out and see if you have no trouble playing games with it.
The installer below will install the ICE beta client alongside your regular client and connect to our test server – you won’t lose your old installation, downloaded maps or mods, and any games you play won’t affect your rating. Note that the test server does not have functional IRC! We decided not to connect to the regular IRC chat in the beta to avoid confusion between the two servers.

You can download the ICE client [here].

We expect to run the public ICE test for at least this weekend, possibly longer. If we decide that there are no issues with ICE, we will roll out a client and server update. Have fun and stay connected!

UPDATE: fixed the client not to prompt for additional updates at launch!