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Map By: svenni_badbwoi

The Seraphim just discovered Ahssa-Shi (named after god of reincarnation). The latest scans revealed that the planet is habitable, resource-rich and seems to have had large water reserves. Unfortunately the first exploring mission got somehow annihilated under mysterious circumstances at the landing site, plus the rescue signal was intercepted by the other factions. These events postponed further investigations, in order to win the battle ahead.

Latest version: 3
Highly improved AI path nodes – thx to ‘unknown guru’
Improved script to avoid vanishing decal glitch – map-decal disappeared, when optional structures (probably due to decal) and a certain amount of unit footprint/track-decals were spawned
Props statistics: 48.308 Mass & 84480 Energy
Mapping tools: FAF & SupCom map editor, Inkscape, World Machine, Photoshop, b2ag mirror tool and random prop generator


Map By: Mr. Mozart

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