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PC Vote Results

Greetings Commanders,

Voting has closed, and the results are in. We are excited to provide the results for you all.

Before we reveal the winner, we’d like to thank everyone who applied for the role, we appreciate the time you have put in and your patience during the voting process. We hope that everyone will continue to contribute regardless of title.

We’re happy to announce that the winner is FtXCommando!

For those interested, here are the statistics for the voting process:

In total, we received 391 first-priority votes and 369 second-priority votes. Tallying the results of the first-picks, we get the following:


Sum of first-pick votes in detail:

Rowey        91
Picoo        12
Biass        100
GFY_DePonny  63
FtXCommando  125

Alternative voting works as follows: In sequence, we eliminate the candidate with the lowest votes, and redistribute first-pick votes to said candidate across the remaining candidates, according to their 2nd preference. Doing this results in graphs as follows:

Runoff 1 (Eliminating Picoo)

Runoff 2 (Eliminating GFY_DePonny)

Runoff 3 (Eliminating Rowey)

In the end after 3 runoff rounds, the result is 132 votes for biass and 173 votes for FtXCommando, so FtXCommando wins and is our new player councilor.

Full numbers and the python source code that generated this is available here:

An alternative excel-based runoff iteration was made by giebmasse here, confirming the result:

– The FAF Council