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Shared Army Tournament


Tournament for the 21st of July, 17:00 GMT
Hosted by keyser

This is a double elimination tournament with the latest version of “Shared army” mod enabled.

There is a rating cap. In order to balance a bit more the team the following principle apply :

-∞ – 1000 rating = 1point
1000 – 1199 rating = 2 points
1200 – 1399 = 3 points
1400 – 1599 = 4 points
1600 – 1799 = 5 points
1800 – 1999 = 6 points
2000 – 2199 = 7 points
2200 – 2399 = 8 points
2400 – ∞ = 9 points

10 points limit cap

We will use the highest rating from ladder and global leaderboards for the calculation. Ratings will be checked at tournament start, however mass rating dumping is discouraged and will be investigated at random, you have been warned. Smurfing will be severely punished.

The number of player per team can go from 1 to 8.

There is only 1 ACU per team.

/!\ Be careful about the use of UI mod managing the economy like ecomanager that will also impact the other player on your team. /!\

All other settings are as default.
Each round has a 60 minute time limit to complete. Any rematches that occur due to draws or crashes will not increase the time limit.
If a disconnect or any other disruption occurs, the outcome will be decided by a tournament director, any decisions made are final.
If a match doesn’t start within 15 minutes of the TD announcing the round a TD may disqualify any player causing delay.


1st Place: Standard “Strategic Genius” avatar Image
2nd Place: Your choice of factional face or logo avatar.
3rd Place: Your choice of factional logo avatar

View the wiki page for avatars here: … nt_Winners

Sign up on the forum below.
Join the tournament channel before the time specified by typing #PENDING into any chat bar.
I’ll be asking people to join if I notice they are not in, but if you don’t join it in time, you’ll be removed from the tournament.

The challonge link is: pending

Full Details: