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The Galaxy Cup 2018 (1v1)

The Galaxy Cup will be a New 1v1 Tournament I will be hosting every 6 months.

There are 3 Qualifying round and then the grand final. Top 4 from each qualifying round will go through (Position are important).

The Tournament will be in the Double Elimination format.

For Entering in to the first Qualifying Round go to the Q1 Spoilers tab and sign up on chalonge with your FAF name (Required)

TD: Rowey
Sponsors: Rowey, Syrupy_Goodness, Morax, Whimplash, ( If anyone feels they would like to sponsor to make a nice prize pool would be grateful. Will only accept PayPal on the Grand Final day.)

Prizepool: $400

Rating will be based on your ladder score. Open to all who wish to prove them self. If you have previously won of the qualifying rounds your will no be able to join back till the grand final.

Prize Pool For Grand Final Only
1st Place: The Galaxy Cup Ava + $200
2nd Place: Faction Face Ava + $125
3rd Place: Faction Logo + $75

Full Details: