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Mapping Tournament 2 (AUG 2018)

You have to the of 1st of SEPTEMBER AEST Which will be the end of august if you don’t live in Australia
Create a 10km map and submit the name here. The best authors will be awarded prizes.

1st Place: Tournament Winner Avatar (Or 2nd or 3rd Place Prize)
2nd Place: Factional Face Avatar (Or 3rd Place Prize)
3rd Place: Factional Logo Avatar

The map deemed to most original will be awarded the Winner of Hearts Avatar. you may not win both a podium prize and the WoH at the same time. You will be asked to choose between the two if this occurs.

(NEW!) For the WoH, ill be looking for maps that incorporate navy play, feel free to try your hand, but this task is of course optional.

You may only submit one map per author. (This rule has changed from tournament 1 to promote creating a single map of high quality rather then multiple maps of lower quality.)

While this contest is judged by an opinion panel. There are still objective requirements. Please make sure your content fits these restrictions before submitting. Any map found not following these will be instantly disqualified.
Both spoiler tags have received new content, I advise returning participants to reread the rules and the advice.

Full details: