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The community-driven lobby for Supreme Commander : Forged Alliance.

FAF Rules [Last Updated July, 2018]

The rule changes below are not retroactive and are for the moment subject to change as we work towards improving and consolidating the rules. Keep in mind that lobby rules in essence apply not only to #aeolus but also to your in-game behavior. If you have any suggestions or concerns please contact the IRC moderator usergroup.

To report infractions of other users, it is recommended to use this form:
Mod Report Form:


    • – Overview
    • – FAF Rules
    • – In-game Rules
    • – Communicating on FAF
    • – Forum Rules
    • – Penalties & violations
    • – Appealing bans & contacting moderation

FAF moderation is active on all products and services that Forged Alliance Forever provides. This includes the clients, behaviour in game, on the forums, and on other platforms such as slack.


This is a short overview of the rules. For any moderating purpose, only the complete rules will be taken in account : this summary is for your information only.

– Do not harass, defame, or discriminate other players on their sexual orientation, race, culture, religion, nationality.
– Do not invade other people’s privacy
– Do not use FAF to violate any law
– No abusing multiple accounts
– Do not attempt to manipulate your account or to exploit game bugs
– Do not discuss drugs, illegal content, pornography, don’t spam nor impersonate any other user

– You are responsible for everything you do
– By using FAF services you agree to the rules detailed in this forum post
– If you don’t comply with FAF rules, the moderation team can and will warn, kick, or/and ban you from using FAF services.

Full deatils: