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Game Patch 3697 Released

Greetings Commanders! IceDreamer reporting…

Today sees a very special occasion. Due to real life circumstances, the time I’ve been able to personally spend coding and curating the game’s code-base has been much smaller the last few months. Thanks to that, a new approach was required, one where I took a back-seat, big-picture view and encouraged regular contributors and testers to not only continue their usual brilliant help, but to create, review, test, curate, merge, and assemble the patch itself between themselves. They rose to the occasion magnificently, and I am extremely proud of what this team of volunteers has accomplished: A true community-led patch.

The changelog is impressive, and can be found here. Highlights include:
– The ability to double-click walls to select them
– Improved performance
– AI takeover to minimize disconnect impact

Please direct any feedback to the dedicated forum thread

Enjoy the carnage, Commanders!

IceDreamer out.