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Upcoming game patch 3697

Hello Commanders!

It’s been quite some time since we had our last game patch.
If my memory doesn’t trick me then the last one was probably last December actually.

Some of you may have noticed the lack of time that Icedreamer can spend on the FAF project and in order to not let everyone’s effort in helping out go to waste he asked a few contributors to help him maintain the game development process on github.

Keyser and I have tried our best to get Pull Request tested, reviewed and finally merged and now we’re confident that we have enough changes to justify rolling out a new patch.

I won’t list every change here and just link the changelog on github instead since i’m too lazy to format stuff here properly.

All the changes that are listed on github are already in the FAF Develop game mode in your FAF client so you can play that instead of the current FAF patch to test the new changes and hopefully provide some feedback here.

Sadly there are still a few open Pull Requests on Github but we had to choose a date for the patch otherwise we’d just postpone it again and again.

Hopefully we can keep up the speed of development we had in the last few weeks so we can further improve the game and ship a new patch in a reasonable amount of time.

I hope that we can deliver the 3697 patch next weekend.
Thank you to all the coders, code reviewers and testers who help us improve the game.