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Enforcing one-account-per-machine

Dear FAF users,

As some of you might know, FAF has a one-account-per-machine policy. This is necessary as some folks invest an incredible amount of time in creating multiple FAF accounts in order to circumvent bans, manipulate ratings upload cheat maps or for any other malicious behavior that hurt the FAF community.

For quite a while now, this policy has not been technically enforced due to technical issues. This caused a lot of unnecessary work for our moderator team, which had to observe each account being created (about 100 per day) only to sort out and ban the malicious ones.

The technical issues have now been sorted out and the system re-enabled. This will result in some of you not being able to log in anymore if you have been using multiple accounts on the same machine. If that’s the case, please stick to your original account.

If you are using multiple accounts from the same machine by different people, each of you
has to link their account to your Steam account.

If you have any other problem, please contact a moderator on the forums.

– Downlord