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Game Patch 3701 [Hotfix]

Hello Commanders,

it has been brought to our attention that a bugfix for the Novax Satellite may potentially break a lot of mods which is why we decided to change said fix to avoid issues.
There is also another bug introduced by us related to Kennels that we wanted to fix asap.

Other than that this patch only few changes:
– Removed smoke effect on the water surface caused by wrecks on the bottom of the ocean
– Moved current patch number in the lobby to a more visible location
– Allow Users to open the Changelog by clicking on the patch number in the game lobby
– Allow Users to open the changelog on github by adding a button to the changelog popup in the lobby

We hope that this is the last hotfix that we have to roll out due to 3699 so we can focus on fixing other bugs/improving the game wherever we can.

Best Regards,