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March Map Spotlight

Greetings, Commanders!

MikZZ presents four maps of various topology, sure to bring you diverse gameplay!

Misterious Z

10x10km, 6 players

The secret laboratory was located away from the theater of operations. Tests and improvements ended suddenly, the whole team was destroyed and the results were lost when the earth awoke. What other secrets does the earth hold under the mysterious sign Z?


Sea gulls nest

10x10km, 16 players

For thousands of years, the stony cliffs saved the local sea gulls from the harsh weather and natural disasters. Will this land now be able to save the inhabitants from the roar of cannons and exploding shells of invading forces?



20x20km, 8 players

Before the invasion, this wondrous place was filled with fishermen and crabs. The crab run at sunset was a favorite source of entertainment. But a military base appeared, and then there was an invasion. Who knows where the crabs are now hiding?


Wild Cowboyz

10x10km, 8 players

Wild morals reign in the wild prairies. And only the most worthy can tame the wild disposition of native inhabitants. Make a choice – turn this place into a paradise or a hotbed of war.

Be sure to check them out, as well as more of MikZZ’s maps here:

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