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New report form

Hello everyone!

We’ve finally pushed to the website a feature that had been teased a few months earlier : the new report form!

You can access it here :

It will slowly and definitely replace the old one (the google form one), we’re replacing the links one by one – but if there’s one we’ve missed, feel free to indicate it to us 🙂

This report form allows you to :

  • See the list of reports you’ve submitted, and their current status aswell as which moderator is reviewing it
  • Report only games that exist / and users that exist
  • Report multiple users at once

We hope that this feature will add a bit of transparency to the actions of the moderation team from a user point-of-view, and also make the report form easier to use for everyone.

Thanks to Kubko, Geosearchef, Axel12 and Brutus for making/reviewing the changes on the API and mordor that made this possible!

Have a nice day,