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King of Syrtis Major to be held March 16th!

Mark your calendars, Commanders – the King of Syrtis Major Tournament, hosted by Rowey, is on March 16th! Sign up here:

That’s right! Commanders from across the galaxy have for YEARS fought tooth-and-nail to win control of Syrtis Major, and FINALLY the ultimate champion of this abundant, mass-rich land will be decided in merely days! Let the crown sit atop only the worthiest of heads, Commanders! Edgebuild your way to unending, unequaled recognition!

Syrtis Major is a 10×10 km map set in red, barren terrain. A minimally defended quantum gateway divides the map in half, giving players time to expand before they make their moves! The quantum gateway offers a bountiful reclaim harvest for those bold enough to advance through the middle lane, but be careful — rush in alone with your ACU and you might receive more than just reclaim…

Rowey’s King of Map series continues with tournaments every two weeks! More info here: