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Legacy Client ICE release

Hello dear FAF Users,

last week we had a server + client update in order to deal with connection related problems that users have on FAF.

Almost one week later we now also have a release for the legacy client which allows it to use the ice adapter as well.

If you log in to FAF with the legacy client then you will get an update prompt urging you to update to the latest version (0.18.3).
If you do not have the python client installed then you can download the install file from the github repository.

I would like to stress that this release has been a combined effort of java devs and python devs (many thanks especially to geo and muellni). But this does not mean that we have anyone maintaining the legacy client.
If you would like to help maintaining the legacy client (written in python) then feel free to ask any moderator for access to the faforever slack which is where you can get in touch with other devs working on FAF.

Best Regards