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New Promotions Councilor

Heyo everyone! Over the course of the last month or two, Mountain has stepped down from the Promotion Councilor position to hand it over to me, Wise Old Dog. Of course, we appreciate his contributions and help during his time, and I am especially grateful in his help in transitioning into this role, and hope he will stick around to lend any support.

Let me start by saying that the promotions lead in FAF has been struggling, as many of you might already know. I do not plan to take up the whole post explaining why that is, but I and a handful of others are keen on turning this around for our community. Currently we lack access to certain FAF platforms like Facebook and YouTube, however this is in part of the transition. Our plans for reinvigorating the visibility and liveliness of the FAF community will come one step at a time, for every change, and we are open for any help we can get!

Over on the FAF Discord, we have a Promotions Team role that I am set to bring to light once we have reclaimed access to some of the necessary tools. If you would like to join up, the best place to contact me is through Discord (same username, Wise Old Dog.) I will be happy to detail my plans and interests in how we can expand our publicity, and am open to suggestions as well from you guys.

Lastly, if you have anything you would like to see promoted, let me or anyone on the promotions team know (once that is set up), so we can get to pushing it out there for the community to see.

See you around!

– Wise Old Dog