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September server update summary

Hi there,

Some community members asked me what the server update achieved, and I want to give you a small summary about the important stuff:

  1. All server packages to keep up with latest security updates etc. were updated (side note: it include an update of the Docker engine to version 19.03 – developers please update along if not already done).
  2. In the last year the server faced two major outages because the server disk was spammed full with hundreds of gigabytes of logs. As of today we now have maximum log size and proper log rotation in place. No more disks running full!
  3. The replay server has a bugfix for an occasional bug on live replays. Also we were able to reduce the memory usage. (Needs some long-term observation but for now it seems to be down from 2,5 GB of RAM to 1,0-1,5 GB).
  4. The login page of the website got a new style – but unfortunately one of the style files are still buggy as you will see.
  5. There is a new website to validate your map files here (it has the same styling issue as the website login)
  6. The lobby server had a few changes:
  7. Database cleanup on broken coop games –> The coop lists should be loading again. A new foreign key constraint will prevent from breaking it again (which doesn’t fix the root cause though…).
  8. Database preparations for different handling of ratings in the future (opening the doors for one game counting for multiple rating systems)

Thanks to all the contributors who helped on these changes and your patience for deployment.

— Brutus5000