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Legend of the Stars: 2019 Championship (Qualifier Week #1)

This year’s LotS tournament has returned! This Saturday ( Nov. 2nd) will be the 1st of 4 rounds for qualification rounds that will occur every 2 weeks until December 14th. Each of these rounds will narrow down the top 4 of each bracket, where the best 16 players will contend in single elimination (BO3).

The prize pool is currently $350 (This year it would seem that LegendoftheStars is not available to fund this tournament, as nothing has been heard from him. Morax has stepped up to help push this forward, and if anyone would like to help out, we would greatly appreciate it!)

Tournament Date:

Hosted by: FtXCommando

For further details about this tournament, contact the TDs and check out the Forum OP: