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Call for Linux sysadmins!

Running, maintaining and developing FAF is a time expensive task. The current FAF stack counts more than 30 services that need constant supervision for updates and security fixes.

If you are interested in helping out the current administration team, challenging tasks like the following are waiting for you:

  • Support migration to new server
  • Migrating phpBB to a new forum software
  • Updating and deploying new versions of our software
  • Optimizing the server setup (e.g. MySQL configuration)
  • Improving monitoring and alerting on the server
  • Improving the permission concept on our docker host
  • Writing & refactoring scripts to automate recurring server tasks
  • Improving documentation & setup scripts to simplify onboarding of new application developers

So if you have proficient skills in

  • Linux server management
  • Docker / Docker-Compose
  • Shell-Scripting
  • Experience with Prometheus and Grafana (optional)
  • Database system administration (optional)

please contact me with your references and email address via PM in the forum (Brutus5000).

Please note that we search for experienced admins, not beginners.

If you want to gain some insight into our infrastructure, checkout the faf-stack.