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Nomads Dev Diaries #4


This week we will be showing some work on the next few unit concepts we are working on, and the thoughts behind them.

As always, this content you can spy ahead in the Nomads Development Discord, so if you want to get the exclusive info before everyone else, chat to the devs, ask questions or even contribute, you can do that here.

T3 Air scout

Last week we talked a little about the T1 air scout, and this week the image above shows the T3 air scout. Since the units are fairly similar in concept, we wanted them to have some shared visual features as well. This sketch explores the various possible shapes, where we aimed to make a unit that “feels” fast. This is very much a work in progress, and the major shapes are being explored here, with details to come later. Which version do you like the most? Which one the least?

T2 Hover Tank

Continuing with unit designs, this is the future t2 hover tank. This one has visuals similar to the T1 lab, and in the Nomads lore it is also an early unit that was developed before the events of the Nomads campaign. Its a little more sleek looking than other nomads stuff, and looking like it could move a little faster. It incorporates some design hints from cars and similar vehicles to try and give it that look.

T1 Land Scout

This one is interesting, because there is already a model that has been lieing around for quite a while, in fact, its the very first model for the new nomads units. The ACU head was inspired by the scout. You can check it out here:

And here are some sketches showing a variation on the unit:

Its been a while since the first model and so it has been updated a little. However, its still not done yet, and now we are thinking of ways to combine the two ideas together, to make an even better unit. What do you like more, the new scout or the old scout model?

And thats it for now! If you want to see top secret stuff, join the discord server where you can chat to the devs, ask questions, spy on the process and get all the exclusive goodies and more! Also feel free to leave feedback either on the forum thread or in the discord. Remember, feedback is very important!

Lastly, we are always looking for more contributors, so if you are interested in creating things, whether thats code, 2d art, models, music or anything else, do get in touch! We also provide all the resources and guidance needed, so don’t worry if you think you are missing any skills, we will be glad to see you!