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Nomads Dev Diaries #5

Hope you have all had a nice Christmas, and the Nomads dev team would like to wish you a happy new year as well!

Last week we had a patch release, and so we skipped on the dev diary. This week we have a summary of 2019 for the Nomads mod, and what we have achieved this year. Next week (and next year!) we will be talking about the future of the mod, so stay tuned. Its going to be important.

As always, this content you can spy ahead in the Nomads Development Discord, so if you want to get the exclusive info before everyone else, chat to the devs, ask questions or even contribute, you can do that here.

Nomads contributor activity

It has been just over a year since we reorganised Nomads development in October 2018, and since then the project has grown very well indeed. We are the most active official FAF project!

And now for the graphs:

Here we can see the second most active repository, the FA repo, with 220 commits since January. In that time we have more than double the output, at 508 commits. The first half of the year was pretty inactive for us while we got things started, but in the second half you can see that we really ramped up the progress.

And here we see the number of commits made each month. Nomads activity has more and less active months in the second half of the year, this was quite interesting to see, and might be because we take a bit of a break and then come back with more before the next major patch. The peak in June is also there because we had quite a bit stacked up from earlier in the year but didnt release it until then, with a huge PR from Apofenas merged that month.

Highlights this year

Nomads is more than just code though, so we have a few highlights of how things changed over the past year, and how far we got since then.

To start, the first image in this post is all the units we have released over the course of this year. Some of them were made a little before that though, and were just waiting for the patch to be done. In particular that was the MML, the ACU and the T1 tank.

Our discord server grew from just 20 people to having 400 members at the time of writing this post. In case you missed it, this is where everything happens so you need to join, too!

As mentioned in the previous week, we have released 14 patches this year, which is probably the most patches FAF has seen on anything!

And thats it for now! If you want to see top secret stuff, join the discord server where you can chat to the devs, ask questions, spy on the process and get all the exclusive goodies and more! Also feel free to leave feedback either on the forum thread or in the discord. Remember, feedback is very important!

Lastly, we are always looking for more contributors, so if you are interested in creating things, whether thats code, 2d art, models, music or anything else, do get in touch! We also provide all the resources and guidance needed, so don’t worry if you think you are missing any skills, we will be glad to see you!