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Nomads Patch V88

Hello everyone,
Today is the release day for Nomads V 88
This patch is the last patch of this year, bringing the total number of nomads patches released in 2019 to 14!
Of those, 6 were major patches, and 8 were minor patches, and together thats more than one patch per month!
We believe that its very important to keep the mod updated frequently so you guys get to see all the latest features without delay, and all your help and support has been absolutely necessary to make this happen.

But if you would like to see just as much progress next year, then you need to get involved too! Mods don’t make themselves you know! And we need you (yes, you!) more than ever! There is every kind of work that needs doing, so dont worry if you think you dont have coding skills, because every skill is needed.

To help out with the mods development, as well as just keeping up to date or even complaining, head here:

Nomads Discord server:

You can play the newest version right now by clicking the nomads featured mod from the list on the side of the client, enjoy!

Changes for this version:

New T1 Air scout model:

If you have been keeping up with the development diaries, you may have seen some hints of the T1 air scout already, and now its time to see the finished thing in game!

This little guy doesnt have any particular special abilities, but we still made it the best that it could be! When landing, it folds its engines inwards like so:

New Unit Icons:

Amazing Ninrai has been at it again, this time fixing a long term pain involving outdated unit icons! We keep working on new models, but we havent had anyone to keep the icons matching. Now we do! And they are indeed very lovely:

This is a never ending task though since we keep cranking out new stuff, so the T1 air scout doesnt have its icon just yet, but it will be done soon! We promise!

Intel Probe:

The intel probe got a quality of life pass this patch, with it now displaying the range of all the intels that it provides, so you arent confused anymore about where those are coming from. Additionally, if you have the capacitor upgrade on your ACU you can temporarily boost the radius of the probe with it for even more spying!

There is much more in this patch than just that so to see all the changes, and to leave your much-needed feedback, you can check out the accompanying forum post here: