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Nomads Dev Diaries #11

Hello everyone,

A few weeks back we talked about Nomads in 2020, and if you havent yet read it, read it now. Today we are talking about even more models, and showing you a couple of sketches. Additionally, Development Streams Are Available.

As always, this content you can spy ahead in the Nomads Development Discord, so if you want to get the exclusive info before everyone else, chat to the devs, ask questions or even contribute, you can do that here.

T3 Amphibious Tank

The T3 light tank for nomads is currently a hover tank. This isnt working out that well for it, and so we are planning on making it go along the sea floor instead. This means that it needs a new model for that to work, and here is what we have come up with so far.

This particular model has been quite a bit of trouble, having gone through several iterations already, and none of them being quite good enough. This last one seems to be promising though, so we might end up with it looking like this, or not. Time will tell. The idea for this model was to focus a little bit on what makes it amphibious and turn that into the characteristic of the unit. In other words, we are going to have a fantastic submerging animation. We expect everyone to be amazed when it emerges out of the water onto the shore and unpacks its turret to shoot at their enemies, so stay tuned.

Also, there is a recording of the making of these two scribbles, enjoy:

And here you can see some of the older designs that didnt make it. There are a lot more than just those, one day when the unit is finished we might post a complete list, but for now its a secret!

Many More Models

Continuing his crusade from last week, Marlo has been very busy drowning everyone in his work, so its only fair to show some of it off to you guys. Not everything here is going to get into the mod eventually, but some of it is, and they are all nice to look at, so enjoy.

And thats it for now! If you want to see top secret stuff, join the discord server where you can chat to the devs, ask questions, spy on the process and get all the exclusive goodies and more! Also feel free to leave feedback either on the forum thread or in the discord. Remember, feedback is very important!

Lastly, we are always looking for more contributors, so if you are interested in creating things, whether thats code, 2d art, models, music or anything else, do get in touch! We also provide all the resources and guidance needed, so don’t worry if you think you are missing any skills, we will be glad to see you!