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Nomads Patch V90

Hello everyone,
Today its time for the first Nomads patch of the year – Nomads V 90

Since the last patch, there have been 87 commits, and we have quite a lot more things stacked up for next time. Its hard to guess the time scales now, but we might be adding a new unit every patch, possibly even more, so keep track!

But to keep things going, we need you! Yes, you! To help out with the mods development, as well as just keeping up to date or even complaining, head here:

Nomads discord server:

You can play the newest version right now by selecting Nomads from the game type list inside the create game dialogue, enjoy!

Changes for this version:

New T1 tank model:

This has actually been a little bit of a surprise model. At some point we made the decision to make the T1 tank non-amphibious, and planned a model for it. But it was a very low priority and we didnt expect to get one any time soon. But then Redmelevolence just went and made one! After a bit of cleaning up, its now in the mod, which is his first major contribution to it. Congratulations to him for keeping up with the work until it was finished. Also: thanks to Armaster and Marlo for working on it during various stages.

This guy doesnt have any special abilities, but there is an antenna that rises up when it gets a target! So keep an eye out for that little detail. We hope you enjoy seeing the new acu helper as much as we do!

As usual, we are always looking for new developers to help us with our work. If you are interested in contributing, or even leaving a suggestion, or simply want to keep an eye on our progress as we continue our work on this mod, feel free to join our Discord server here:

We look forward to hearing from you, and thank you for your continued support!

Additionally, if you are looking for help, advice or support on modding supcom in general, or how to do what we do, you are more than welcome to join and ask questions. We are also offering any content and source files we created, so you can get all the resources we use, some of which is extremely exclusive!

And very lastly, you can see a whole more info in the forum post, which also contains all the other changes we made, and much more:

The Nomads Development Team