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Tournament News


  • Restriction Affliction 1v1 Tournament
  • Mapping Tournament #4 (20×20)
  • Third Season of FAF Ladder League (RESULTS)

Restriction Affliction 1v1 Tournament

Bothered by 1v1 games with tons of spam, or you feel like being hard on yourself? Sign up for this unique 1v1 tournament, where all is a standard affair, except you have a 125 max unit cap in total. There will be separate brackets for above and below 1700 (this may change in the future.) If you feel up to the task, take part of a much tighter, and challenging competition!

Tournament Date: February 15th at 16:00 UTC.

To Sign Up:

Mapping Tournament #4 (20×20)

The next mapping tournament arrives with FtXCommando taking charge, but following biass’ structure and rules from his previous series of mapping tournies. This one will feature maps created on 20x20km sizes, and there will be a panel to provide judgement on the quality of the submissions.

It is advised you carefully read through the forum OP to understand the rules, to know when the deadline arrives, and to heed the advice provided on what kind of map you should be making.

Submission Deadline: April 1st at 12:00 UTC.

You must submit with the name of the map, and are welcome to include any other information that you find critical for its admission.

Forum OP:

Third Season of FAF Ladder League (RESULTS)

Season 3 of the ladder league has finally concluded, leaving us with our ladder champions as well as our faction kings and princes! Congratulations to our winners:

The Champions of Each League:

  • 1800+: ThomasHiatt with a total score of 43!
  • 1300-1800: Shade- with a total score of 101!
  • 800-1300: dickdawkins with a total score of 196!
  • 300-800: coca with a total score of 124!
  • <300: CrazyChaos with a total score of 50!

The Kings of Each Faction:

  • Aeon: ThomasHiatt with a 97% Aeon pick rate and a score of 43.
  • Cybran: concuniorNoob with a 77% Cybran pick rate and a score of 20.
  • UEF: silentNoob with a 53% UEF pick rate and a score of 35.
  • Seraphim: No one lol.

The Princes of Each Faction:

  • Aeon: Achiraaz with a 100% Aeon pick rate and a score of 41.
  • Cybran: JeanLu with a 100% Cybran pick rate and a score of 92.
  • UEF: Swkoll with a 100% UEF pick rate and a score of 48.
  • Seraphim: CRISPYISARETARD with a 76% Seraphim pick rate and a score of 72.

We look forward to seeing you for next season! Next Season will begin in March

Forum OP: