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FAF: Help Wanted

Hello everyone,

For those that weren’t aware, Dogfather, our Promotions Councillor, has decided to step down from his position. This means that we will be going through a selection process in order to find an adequate replacement for him during the next month.

The duties of the Promotions Councillor are inherently collaborative but also essential to creating a cohesive community and smoothing out any misunderstandings between the variety of groups within FAF. You will find yourself spending a lot of time talking with other Councillors and developers about how projects are progressing and distilling these discussions into a readable, coherent format. Aside from internal project communication, you will also have a major role in moving FAF forward on external promotional projects and often be responsible for making sure these efforts succeed.

All in all, what we are most looking for is someone willing to invest time into the project while also having the capability to think about the best path forward for the community as a whole. If you feel like this describes you, please submit an application at:

In addition, I’m also looking for an additional one or two players willing to assist in Ladder Team responsibilities. I’m interested in players that are able to play at a high level, are willing to put in hours to helping maintain and refine the current system, and can present their own map preferences coherently. I’m also going to need additional hands helping out for the 2v2 sheet, hence the request for extra manpower. If you’re interested, please PM me (FtXCommando) either on FAF, Discord, or the forums.