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Game Patch 3712

Hello Commanders,

We are releasing the Game Patch 3712 today, which contains but is not restricted to :

  • The ability to scale up the UI for players having a big screen.
  • An aesthetic change in the shader of seraphim unit.
  • The fix of the black plane bug for maps.
  • We added a support for custom map Props.
  • We fixed a bug with the rating reward when someone was leaving the game before it ended.

The patch notes can be found here or with some more explanations here.

Please post feedback in the forum.

See you Space Cowboy,

~The dev team.

PS : If you use the UI scaling, mods are likely to break.
In order to fix this issue, modders need to update their mods:
When setting UI elements, the position and dimensions have to be set using a correct function from layouthelpers.lua.
This file contains all required functions to position the UI elements and it scales the position by the set global multiplier.

Example of changes that needs to be done:
control.Top:Set(parent.Bottom() + 20)
LayoutHelpers.AnchorToBottom(control, parent, 20)

control.Width:Set(200) control.Height:Set(60)
LayoutHelpers.SetDimensions(control, 200, 60)