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Nomads Dev Diaries #20

Hello everyone,

The last post we showed you some building kits, and today we will be showing you some explosions. Enjoy. Additionally, you can see more on our development streams.

If you can make drawings, or make models, we need your help. Click the link below. Also click it for any other reason:

Nomads discord server:

RKs Explosions

The short news is that RKs explosions now supports Nomads! The mod is available for download from the mod vault right now, and also check out RKs forum thread.

Meanwhile, enjoy these screenshots of Nomads units being blown up:

The idea here is that Nomads use plasma as their power sources, so when their stuff gets destroyed clouds of the plasma are released, rather than having smoke or fire.

These effects can still do with plenty of work, and some things such as effects for experimentals havent been done yet. Also RK is going to be working on making weapon effects and other such stuff for Nomads as well, so stay tuned for that.

And thats it for now! If you want to see top secret stuff, join the discord server where you can chat to the devs, ask questions, spy on the process and get all the exclusive goodies and more! Also feel free to leave feedback either on the forum thread or in the discord. Remember, feedback is very important!

Lastly, we are always looking for more contributors, so if you are interested in creating things, whether thats code, 2d art, models, music or anything else, do get in touch! We also provide all the resources and guidance needed, so don’t worry if you think you are missing any skills, we will be glad to see you!