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Season 4 of Ladder League is Over!

The 4th Season of the FAF Ladder League has finally finished and given us our new Ladder and Faction Champions! For those that don’t know, the Ladder Leagues are a way to showcase the current top performing and active ladder players across all rating brackets on the ladder. It’s a great way to find people near your rating that are trying to improve. Be sure to check the forum link at the bottom of this page for additional information about the Leagues!

Congratulations to this season’s winners!

1800+ Bracket:

The top bracket was won by ThomasHiatt. For most of the month, the top spot was hotly contested between ThomasHiatt, Blodir, and Chamo_Rosso. Blodir was able to maintain competitiveness with the other two thanks to his excellent win rate. Chamo_Rosso unfortunately fell off as time went off due to the fact his win rate required him to maintain a massive time investment to keep up with the other two. However, Thomas had been able to maintain a massive time investment into the ladder while also maintaining a solid win rate that allowed him to pull ahead of Blodir during the last week or so of the League.

When it comes to the King of Faction titles, ThomasHiatt of course won the King of Cybran Avatar with his 73% pick rate and his 1st place placement. While Blodir didn’t win the League, he at least has the consolation of being recognized as the King of Seraphim with his crazy 100% pick rate of the faction this month. Sure shows that Cybran isn’t required to dominate the ladder, especially with his extremely strong win rate!

For UEF, Swkoll was able to snatch the avatar with his 6th place finish as Blin unfortunately was not able to reach the 50% pick rate for UEF. Swkoll is the first person in the League to ever hold both the Prince and King avatars! Congratulations to him and his love for the UEF, hopefully he can keep his title in future Leagues! When it comes to the King of Aeon, Turinturambar had secured the title with his 13th place finish. It seems Aeon isn’t too popular with the upper bracket of the ladder.

1300-1800 Bracket:

The 2nd Bracket was won by Bond007, a player that took a break from FAF and came back over the last few months. This bracket was even closer than the first bracket and could have been won by anyone all the way to the last date of the bracket. Essentially any of Bond007, Fatso, Quagar, and ALEKS had the capability to take the title, so congratulations to Bond007 for pulling ahead and taking it!

Alongside with his bracket win, Bond007 also secured the Prince of Cybran avatar. He was able to just barely snatch it from Fatso with his 55% pick rate and unfortunately leave Fatso with no avatar for this League month. The same situation seems to have happened between Quagar and ALEKS, with Quagar being able to take the Prince of UEF title with only 7 points separating him and ALEKS. They were only separated by 3-4 more ladder games!

Storm Lantern was able to secure the Prince of Seraphim avatar with his 6th place finish and respectable win rate. Good work! Lastly, chewbaka took the Prince of Aeon title with his 32nd finish. It seems this bracket also has a distaste towards Aeon.

800-1300 Bracket:

It seems the brackets just get more and more competitive as we continue on! This bracket could not only have been decided on the last day, but even the last hour of the month! Plopp was able to secure the win over LaissezFairy thanks to the tiebreaker of time spent playing putting his score over LaissezFairy. But regardless, good job LaissezFairy for being able to stay competitive with around half the time spent on the ladder! You had an impressive win rate! Aside from these two, koleos also was an extremely close runner up and could have taken the champion title if a few games just turned out a bit differently. Good job Plopp for winning this hard fought bracket!

300-800 Bracket:

While not as intense as the last bracket, the 4th Bracket still is remarkably close and even has its own interesting aspects. It is the first bracket we’ve seen this month to actually have Aeon mains in the top 10, and in fact has a “main” as the winner! Congratulations Dygron! However, his 34% pick rate likely means that he either played random with all 4 factions or only 3 factions. But regardless, he maintained a strong win rate while picking the rogue faction of this month which is still massively commendable!

<300 Bracket:

The final bracket gives a good insight on players to watch for upcoming Leagues as it often includes the new players on the ladder that are willing to invest time into improving. Good job Seiga, a_papertowl, and Grinchbi for taking the plunge into ladder this month and putting in the effort to find a place on the top 10 board for this bracket! We will watch your careers with great interest.

In addition, Congratulations to LordPondscum for being able to succeed and take the top spot in this bracket. His excellent win rate not only allowed him to take the first place spot, but he also was able to push himself into the next bracket for the next League! Hopefully he can maintain this strong performance in that bracket and take a top 10 position once again!