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Anihilnine: Our New Promotions Councillor!

After going through the applications and doing a selected interview process, the FAF Council has decided to hand the responsibility of the Promotions Councillor seat off to Anihilnine. Anihilnine is an Australian developer that is extremely interested in finding the most efficient step forward for FAF in external promotions while also working to improve our player retention.

Likewise, Laticlave, the runner up candidate for the seat, will be working alongside Anihilnine in collecting and parsing data on the player experience in order to improve FAF for new players. Both Laticlave and Anihilnine share similar viewpoints on the direction to take FAF, and so we hope that their combined effort will allow them to attain their goals in the best manner.

For more information about the candidates and their platforms please visit:

The FAF Council welcomes Anihilnine and is eager to work with him on his goals! We hope the community is too.