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Balance Patch 3714

Hello Commanders,

Today we release a new balance patch, patch 3714. Patchnotes can be found here:

This patch aims to improve the options of Aeon specifically as they have become one of the least played factions. The Czar will now have a personal shield to protect it, and much stronger AA weapons. The Harbinger also gets a quite substantial buff and the Specter gets a new weapon.

There are many changes to the other factions as well, especially at the Tech 2 land and Tech 3 land stages. Open the patchnotes to read through all the changes and see small explanations for each of the changes.

A big thanks goes to the other members of the balance team and all the players who gave suggestions and feedback on the forums and elsewhere on FAF.

Feedback on the patch can be submitted in this thread

Thank you for you time,