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Forged Alliance Forever Maps & Modifications Council Update

Forged Alliance Forever Maps & Modifications Council

Did you know that there is a place where mappers, modification authors, and more exist within the Forged Alliance Community? I invite you to find out more if you want to share your thoughts on the contents of our vault system for these community-made items, come to learn from some of the best, and understand what is allowed within.

This is a place where current and prospective mappers, modders can collaborate on knowledge, discuss the editing tools, create some nifty modifications, and help build a collection of information for all to use.

It is also an area to know and understand how to comply with rulings on the maps and modifications that are within the vault. The Ever since the vault system became available, it has for the most part been free of any regulation. This has led to broken content or “less-than-ideal” works to be distributed among the community. In an effort to keep content clean, useful, and fun, a set of rules and regulations were outlined. You can find the exact requirements here:

Please review the following links to the message board as the rules are quite essential to ensuring quality content exists for the community:

Proposed new rules for Maps (March 2020):

Current rules for the Modifications Vault:

The goal is – in time – to ensure that content is not only functioning, but suitable and easy to navigate for those who use the service. The idea behind each was derived with experience and knowledge among the top designers in the community, but they are not set in stone. I welcome anyone to discuss the rules in the M&M discord or on the message board forum to help improve how the community utilizes its content.

Your Maps & Modifications Councilor,