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May FAF Tournament News

Hello Commanders!

With the coming of May, we begin our 5th Ladder League Season. The Ladder League is a month-long leaderboard for our 1v1 ladder matchmaking system where people can win several avatars and prizes depending on their rating bracket. The leaderboards are constantly updated with the results of games and give an insight to who is playing the best and the most often in a variety of rating ranges. If you want to join and compete, just play games on the ladder!

For more information about the League System please visit:

To keep track of League Stats bookmark:

Alongside the new League Season, we’ve also got a new Tournament structure being tested out throughout this entire month. Farmsletje, alongside others, will be hosting tournaments every Saturday this May at 16:00 UTC. However, unlike the typical tournament where a winner is determined after 1-2 days, these tournaments will instead rely on a point system that rewards the best performing player across all 4 of these tournaments.

You will get more points the higher you place in each tournament, meaning that capability is still rewarded in the tournament itself. However, the main difference is that it also rewards activity and consistency alongside capability. If someone isn’t able to play one weekend, they could still lose even if they did place well in all the others!

If you’re interested in learning more about the tournament please visit:

If you’re interested in signing up for the first tournament in the series please visit:

For spectators, a new FAF caster called “Supreme Derp” is planning on casting the events live! It’s always been a struggle to find people that can cast FAF Tournaments rather than simply stream their games in the tournament itself, so please do come and support him this Saturday! If you’re interested in checking out his channel, he has already done a few FAF casts.

Here’s a link to his most recent cast:

If anyone is interested in funding either Farmsletje’s tournament or the Ladder League itself, please get into contact with me (FtXCommando) through either the forums, Discord, or the client itself.

That’s all for this month. Good luck for the players and have fun watching for the viewers!