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The May “Coffin’s Tourney” Clan War

Date: May 15th, 16:00 UTC Over $200 in Prizes!

Teamwork. Communication. Camaraderie. What elements could be more important on a battlefield? Well mass and energy but that’s besides the point.

If you’re in a clan or want to join a clan, come onto the forum thread at: in order to signup or say that you’re looking for a clan to join. The tournament has a rating limit of 7600, but there are clans that have several 2k members so even lower rated players could be picked up as players.

The tournament will be a 4v4 double elimination tournament, which essentially means you need to lose two rounds in order to get knocked out of the tournament. The top bracket will consist of best of 3 rounds and the bottom bracket will consist of best of 1 rounds. The final will be a best of 5.

If you’re interested in providing additional funding for the tournament, please contact either me (FtXCommando) or the TD (Saske_Kaske).

Good luck to all the players, we hope to see a lot of competition between the clans on FAF!