Here lies the updates for balance, the game, the client & the server.

New Chat Emojis
Latest Features for the FAF client
Russian Newshub
Объединяя страны
Map Gen Autohost
FAF Beta Changelog
How the FAF cogs keep spinning
How rating brackets are determined
How Matchmaker matches players
TMM is here
Client v1.4
Mapban is Live
New Balance Councilor
Checkin with Mapgen
FAF 4K Graphics Upgrade
New Map Veto System
Balance Patch 3718
Coop Patch
Next Game Patch
Client v1.2.3
TMM Update
How to limit games by rating
Client v1.2.2
Patch Notes for 3715
Server Update Sep 24
Patch Notes for 3714
GOG is not supported yet