Forged Alliance Forever

The community-driven lobby for Supreme Commander : Forged Alliance.

FAF Teams


Led by Javi

The promotions team creates a steady flow of content for the client newshub, the website news articles and FAF content on social media. It is also the team that maintains the FAF Website, communicates with other communities for collaboration opportunities, promotes FAF tournaments

Promotions Team Logo

Led by Sladow

The trainer team are a group of interested people in the development of the FAF community. Their goals are providing opportunities to new players to develop their own skills and adapting them within the community. Aiding players on becoming part of the competitive scene.

Trainer Team Logo

Leader TBA

The FAFLive team is in charge of the FAFLive Twitch account. That is the official channel where FAF tourneys are casted by the top players and other prominent community members. They work towards a pleasant and smooth viewing experience for FAFLive Events.

FAFLive Team Logo

Led by Swkoll

The tournament team makes sure FAF tournaments go as planned and quickly fix any unexpected issues. They are made of tournament directors who help ensure the rules of each tournament are followed correctly.

Tournament Team Logo

Led by Archsimkat

The matchmaking team curate and update the 1v1, 2v2 and 4v4 matchmaker pools every month. Determining the rating brackets and the pool breakdown by bracket, create matchmaker events to increase player engagement and gather feedback on what maps are liked by the community.

Matchmaking Team Logo

Led by Tagada

The balance team, as you may have guessed, has the continuous goal of balancing FAF’s gameplay to make it more fun, fair and engaging. Making sure all four factions are equally viable to play.

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Led by Balthazar

The creative team moderates the map and mod vault, deciding on the ranking of maps, curating vault rules and recommended mods and maps. They also make sure to handle any mods or maps that break the rules or are inappropriate.

Creative Team Logo

Led by Giebmasse

The moderation team acts as the final point for all moderation decisions. They make sure the FAF forums, aeolus chat and FAF Discords maintain a civil environment. Basically the FAF Police.

Moderation Team Logo

Led by Brutus5000

The DevOps team enables the promise of Forever in Forged Alliance Forever. They aim to maintain an open and reproducible, built to last and scale and as simple as possible but as complex as required Forged Alliance Forever.

DevOps Team Logo