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Flash Message New Website

This flash message is meant for the new website, not the current one.

Below you’ll see different fields, their purpose is:

  • newshub_backgroundcolor = the background color of the flash message
  • newshub_badge = the text of the flash message (just text, does not accept HTML)
  • newshub_sortIndex = true or false (do we show flash message (then set to true) or do we hide the flash message/not show it (then set to false)
  • newshub_externalLinkUrl = the pages where we want the flash message to be displayed. Make sure to put a comma between pages.
    • DO NOT put a comma ( , ) on the last element
    • DO NOT leave spaces between elements (this string will be transformed into an array and it keeps spaces on the names, which is bad because we don’t want a space “ /pageName” (there is a space between .com and /pageName )
    • If you include “/all” into the array, then ALL pages will include the flash message.

If you ask why do we use these values with these newshub names instead of flashMessage names. Simply put, I do not have administration rights on wordpress to add new custom fields we can see on an API call.