Server Update

2018-02-12 Server Update v0.9.13

Today’s server update has been successful. Downtime was less than 15min.

  • The wait-1-day-to-play-or-link-to-steam limitation for new players has been removed
  • The improved one-account-per-machine system (a.k.a. UID system, a.k.a. smurf check) has been improved

I’d like to give you some background information since most people probably aren’t aware of what we’re fighting. There have been certain users who had fun performing the following steps:

  1. Create a new FAF account
  2. Circumvent the UID system so you can log in with that account
  3. Ruin other player’s games either by smurfing or by actively manipulating the lobby
  4. Get banned
  5. Repeat

We’re not sure why this would be any person’s hobby but apparently, it is.

While it’s impossible for us to implement a system that can’t be circumvented (unless we want to verify each player in person), we will continue to improve it as long as there are people who find joy in ruining other people’s games.

The new system will immediately ban accounts on login when it thinks the player is trying to circumvent it. In case of a false positive, the player can contact a moderator who will then verify the player manually.

It makes me really sad that we, the developers, need to waste so much time to implement such counter-measures. Think of all the improvements to FAF we could do instead.

If you’re one of those “hackers”, please reconsider the kind of person you want to be.

– Downlord

Server Update

Reminder: February 2018 Server Update

This is a friendly reminder of the upcoming server update next Monday, 2018-02-13.

This server update will remove the 1-day-or-steam-link limit and improve the anti-smurf mechanism. Since tests need to be done on the production server, several server restarts are to be expected.

Please expect FAF to be down from 08:00 – 12:00 UTC.

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Server Update

2017-12-18 Server Update v0.9.8

The server has been updated to v0.9.8.

  • Updated the GeoIP database which is responsible for displaying country flags (thanks MathieuB8)
  • Fixed Link-to-Steam URL (thanks MathieuB8)
  • Improved smurf-protection and measures against people flooding FAF with fake accounts
  • Improved API to support the new moderator tool functionalities, especially for cleaning up the map vault (thanks Brutus5000)
  • Improved API to support better map/mod/replay vaults, especially sorting by rating

I will start future server updates with a news post to make people better aware of it. Also, I recommend everyone to sign up at where you’ll receive notifications about the status of FAF.

Update: Actually, I did a mistake and the server has not yet been updated to 0.9.8 as I thought. I scheduled another restart at 08:00 CET which will then update to 0.9.8 for good.

– Downlord

Server Update

2017-10-23 Server Update v0.9.6

The server has been updated to v0.9.6.

Not much happened in this update since we’ve mainly been busy with the server migration since the last server update.

  • A few changes were made to the database to make its data even more consistent.
  • A small fix was made that prevented the client from removing avatars from users.
  • Changes were made that reduces the work needed for future server updates

Most changes were made in the API:

  • Fixed issue #110 “Challonge API Proxy”
  • Fixed issue #126 “Read deployment configuration for featured mods from DB”
  • Fixed issue #133 “Return coop mission duration as seconds”
  • Fixed issue #134 “Provide BiReUS repository URLs”
  • Fixed issue #135 “Provide division scores”
  • Fixed issue #137 “Achievements route broken”
  • Fixed issue #143 “Missing entity for db table `name_history`”
  • Fixed issue #146 “Pagination issue: page[totals] broken”
  • Fixed issue #149 “API returns HTTPS URLs instead of HTTP”

I’m glad that the update went pretty smooth and quick and as far as I can tell, there haven’t been any problems so far.

– Downlord

Server Update

Expect FAF to be down next Monday

As you may know, FAF is still running on expensive servers for which Visionik is paying. In order to cut the reliance on a very generous donator, we are going to move to cheaper servers next Monday, 2017-10-09.

The costs for the new servers will be covered by our Patreon income (feel free to become a Patron today!).

Moving about 600G of data and 30 services doesn’t happen within the blink of an eye. While we’ll do our best to keep the downtime as short as possible expect FAF to be down the whole Monday. If you like to receive notifications about status updates, make sure to sign up on

Meanwhile, don’t forget to participate in Yuri’s tournament today (2017-10-05)!

– Downlord