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Call for Java Developers

Times change and so does FAF. This is a call to all Java developers, who are hiding in the shadows and want to contribute but were not interested in contributing to the current stack of Python code.

We have a huge pile of new emerging Java projects, that look out for new developers and maintainers. So let me give you a small briefing about the projects:

  • Galactic War backend server will be an integral component of our new GW reboot. Work has “just started” and there is still much to do.
    • Core technologies: Spring Boot, Camunda BPM, Websockets / STOMP, Elide, JPA
    • Interested? Join slack channel #galactic-war
  • Java server is a reimplementation of the current Python lobby server. We hope to improve the development speed, deliver new metrics for our users and finally overwork the network protocol (while staying compatible to the old client protocol).
    • Core technologies: Spring Boot, Spring Integration, JPA
    • Interested? Join slack channel #java-server
  • Java API is supposed to replace the current Python API eventually. The primary focus is to speed up API development for new functionalities, as no current developers wants to work on the Python API any further.
    • Core technologies: Spring Boot, Elide, JPA
    • Side note: There are also approaches to develop a Typescript-based API. We decided that both can coexist together.
    • Interested? Join slack channel #java-api
  • Downlord’s client is an alternative client to the classic python client. This is fancy frontend stuff using JavaFX. It’s already in a working state, but still has a lot of features waiting to be implemented.
    • Interested? Join slack channel #java-client-dev

If you want to join us in Slack, please contact an administrator/moderator on the forums or in our in-client chat (white names at the top) so that we can invite you to our Slack project.

You can also join us on Discord.

We are waiting for you!
– Brutus5000, Dragonfire



2016-11-23 Server Update v0.5.3

I’m happy to announce that another 1v1 rating bug has been identified and fixed (#248). I decided to deploy this today, as kind of a hotfix.


  • Fixed issue #244 “Record active user agents”
  • Fixed issue #248 “New rating is sometimes calculated based on outdated rating”
  • Fixed issue #250 “Broadcast message when server is going to shut down”

2016-11-21 Server update v0.5.2

Server update v0.5.2 has been deployed today.


  • Fixed issue #229 “Ratings not properly updated after game”
  • Fixed issue #230 “Rating not properly updated (ValueError: Need multiple rating groups)”
  • Fixed issue #231 “Achievements: Correctly detect whether a player survived”
  • Fixed issue #232 “Add server side support to update game title from lobby”
  • Fixed issue #239 “Record which client people are using”
  • Fixed issue #240 “Enable UID check again”
  • Fixed issue #241 “Server does not handle missing mod icon”
  • Fixed issue #245 “Allow admins to send broadcast messages”

A note on #240

The UID check prevents the use of multiple accounts on the same machine. This was done to reduce smurfing. The check existed back in time but has been disabled for a while – which caused The Rise of the Smurfs.

This check has been enabled again. As a result, every account which was used on the same system as another account, needs to be linked to steam in order to log in. Please contact an admin on the forums if you need an exception to this rule (but you must have strong arguments).

A note on #245

In future, it will be possible to inform all players about server updates/restarts.

FA Update Server Update

October 2016 Server Update

Updated server software have been installed.


Server v0.4

  • Fixed issue #175 “Don’t rate single player games”
  • Fixed issue #200 “Ingame swords still display in aeolus”
  • Fixed issue #201 “Make sure game / players are dirtied when a game connection ends”
  • Fixed issue #202 “Games with uneven and FFA player count are rated (2v6)”
  • Fixed issue #206 “Unrank FFA, uneven teams and unreported games”
  • Fixed issue #211 “Adapt new mod table structure”
  • Fixed issue #216 “Update number of games”

API v0.5

  • Fixed issue #39 “Mod upload”
  • Fixed issue #73 “Authentication ignores bans”
  • Fixed issue #86 “Make map version integer”
  • Fixed issue #87 “Map: Rename “technicalName” to “folderName””
  • Fixed issue #103 “Replace map folder in *all* lua files”

Thanks to everyone who contributed!