Future of FAF.


This is the second post I will write as myself (Ze_PilOt).

As you read it last post, I feel done with this project.

It has been, and still is, a ton of fun to do. Sadly after three years of full commitment, it’s becoming a burden and it is time for me to move on.

Hopefully, after signing a written agreement/contract, a member of this community will take care of everything related to FAF (hosting server, domain name, source code,….).

So what is coming next for you? What is it changing?

The support inquiries, complaints or any kind of question related to FAF must be directed to the new owner.

On my side, I will help the new owner the next 3 months to understand how everything works, and make sure that everything keep working correctly.

At the same time, I will write a basic documentation & comment for a release of the server code as soon as possible under a GPL v3 license, including Galactic War of course.

As the server is code represent 40.000 lines of code, it will take some time before something reliable can be released. Please be patient.

For the patches, nothing is decided yet, so it will continue accordingly to the current plans, until further notice (meaning a patch release next month -october-, and one in december).

It is also very likely that the server will be upgraded in the meantimes (it has some HD issues once again this morning, hopefully fixed by Rienzilla).

Now, I will let speak the new owner so he can present himself ….

Hi everyone my username is Visionik.  You may have seen me around FAF.  To be honest I’m not all that great of an FAF player, but I really, really enjoy playing the game.  I am a software engineer by background, but for the last 15 years I’ve been an entrepreneur and investor.   I wanted to help move the FAF community, so I worked over the last two days to put together a deal that was good for Ze_PilOt and for the FAF community.

As part of the deal I put together with Ze_PilOt all of the FAF components will be released under a GPLv3 license as soon as possible.  I am also already working with the broader FAF community to create a plan for open group leadership of FAF moving forward.  It’s going to take some time to figure out the details, but in short I am not looking to be the single “new leader”.  I am looking to start a new era of group leadership.

I would like to sincerely thank Ze_PilOt for all of the work that he has put into FAF over the last years.   We would not have anything close to what we have today without his work.

If you have any questions at all please don’t hesitate to contact me on FAF chat or on the forums!


This is the end….

After years of trying make FA lasting forever, the project hit a dead end.

I won’t write a long text, I don’t feel like it.

Thank you all of you for your support during all these years.

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FA Update

Patch 3634 – Changelog.

Beta Patch 3634!

Like 3633, it’s a BETA patch.

It means that bugs might be there, and the previously introduced units (T3 AA) are still in a balance process.

Please go to the forum for feedback!


Lobby 2.4 (Xinnony)

  • Fixed the “Yellow Country Flag” bug.
  • Fixed an issue with mods & load preset option.
  • Background modding support.
  • Fixed wide-screen skin not resizing correctly.
  • Mod Manager enhancements.
  • Small changes in the Faction Selector.
  • Fixed the Options panel not showing “Advanced Map Options” and “Global Options” correctly.
  • Removed AI and Team options in the Option panel.
  • “Hide default Options” was not working properly.
  • “Host Game Options” was not set correctly in the option panel.
  • Add a ‘(default)’ text in Host Options.
  • Changed the color of “Observers in Game” label if you are not the Host.
  • Added a ‘No rule (click for edit)’ only for the Host.

T3 Mobile AA.

  • Added the T3 AA in the megalith build panel.
  • the Seraphim T3 mobile wasn’t able to hit a Soul Ripper.
  • T3 Mobile AA balance adjustments based on feedback (more range, DPS nerf for the Seraphim one, and small other tweaks).

Small balance changes

  • The UEF satellite will now be destroyed when hit by a nuke.
  • Damage buff for the Mavor : 2 Dukes + t3 pgens are now not better than a Mavor.

Bug Fixes

  • Improvements to Cybran ACU laser (by Resin_Smoker)
  • Aeon Destroyer and Battleship visual effects improvements (by Resin_Smoker).
  • Fix for Megalith not attacking a naval target because it stays in range of the primary weapon.
  • More fixes to shields.

Contributors (on top of those already cited in the changelog) : Sheeo, Pip and Icedreamer. And all the players who gave feedback & seek bugs!

FA Update

Patch 3633 – Changelogs.

This patch should be considered a “Beta patch”. We will iterate it during a month until we are happy with the changes introduced.


  • Introducing T3 Mobile Anti-Air. If you don’t like them, there is a restriction category inside the lobby to remove them.
  • Aeon T3 Support Air factory costs and storage corrected
  • Cybran T3 Support Naval factory buildtime corrected
  • UEF T3 Transport shield fix to avoid units to receive damages.
  • Aeon Battleship charge reduced to 0.1 (from 0.5).
  • T3 SAMs don’t hurt friendly units anymore.
  • Fix for spillover damage for shields.
  • Fixing some unit descriptions.

If you have comments or fixes to propose, you can propose them in the forum.

Fixes must be submitted with code, as a pull request in the repository or they won’t be considered (check “external contributors” forum).