Player Councilor Campaign 2016

Hi everyone –

I haven’t received any negatived feedback on the Councilors Pledge, so we’re going to move forward.  I’m going to ask everyone who is a candidate for Players Councilor to send me a signed pledge.

The one thing several people have asked me for is for candidates to write up / explain that they would do as the Players Councilor.  So, for the next week I invite all the candidates to campaign – via posts on the General Discussion forum and/or any other method they’d like.

Voting will then begin on Tuesday, November 8th and certainly be the most important election occurring on that day 🙂



The FAF Councilors Pledge

Hi everyone.   This is the draft of the pledge I want the Players Councilor nominee to sign. Ultimately I want all FAF Councilors to sign a similar pledge – with just The Responsibilities changed.

This is not intended to be a legally binding contract, but simply a commitment to the community and the council.   Please share any thoughts you have.

FAF Councilors Pledge: The Players Councilor


Forged Alliance Forever (FAF) is a community project of players and contributors who want to sustain and advance the game Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance.

The Council of Setons is a group of FAF contributors selected and tasked with the responsibility to guide the FAF community project.

The Players Councilor is a member of the Council of Setons, who will be elected by the community to work on These Responsibilities:

  • Communicate with as many FAF players as is possible to gather, represent, and promote their ideas and interests.
  • Organize a schedule of the FAF community project events.
  • Organize tournament directors who run tournaments for players.
  • Gather feedback from the FAF project community to determine their top desires and problems.
  • Present and represent this information in the best interests of the players to the Council of Setons.

As a nominee for The Players Councilor, I pledge that:

  1. I will spend at least 4 hours per week working on These Responsibilities.
  2. I will be available at least 2 hours every other week for a voice call to discuss These Responsibilities and the responsibilities of other FAF Councilors.
  3. I will use and be available on the FAF Slack (chat) as much as possible.
  4. I will do my best to help the other Councilors perform their responsibilities.
  5. I understand that if I am unable to perform these duties, I will resign or be replaced.




The Players Councilor


Player Councilor Nominations – and Council of Setons Reboot

Hello and good morning/afternoon/evening everyone…

The massively-over-due nomination for a new Player Councilor has now begun:

This is part of an overall “reboot” of the Council of Setons, which is discussed here:

I sincerely apologize to everyone for how long this has taken to get started.  I have been dealing with the opening of a new office that was 7 months behind schedule and costing me an absolutely insane amount of money.   That office finally opened two days ago, and I have returned the land of the FAF-living.




August 8th Server Update is Done

The new server software has been installed, including a new game patch (3656).

If you see any new problems please report them at

What’s in the update?

Server Software Update

  1. Enable FAF API server to work better with HTTPS
  2. Remove “dead games” from the internal server list more consistently
  3. Update Geographic IP data to display country flags more accurately
  4. Fix for game visibility
  5. Fix code that checked to see if a ban had expired
  6. Fix error in server when reading unit statistics
  7. Add new GPGNet command for enforcing ratings

Game Patch Update

  • Make teamkill reporting work with server update
  • Change format of unit statistics

Reminder of server update / down-time August 8th 6am-8am CEST

Hi All –

As a reminder, the server  is getting a minor software update and will be down on August 8th from approximately 6 AM to 8 AM CEST (Central European Summer Time zone).

The update will likely take less than 2 hours scheduled.