Player Councilor Election & Balance Vote

Hello everyone –

There are two votes here. One for the Players Councilor, and one about how the Balance Team will be formed in the future.

Voting will be open until November 27th.

Many thanks to Softly, Aulex, Downlord, and brutus5000 for the new solution we’re using to enable these votes.

You find the voting page with more information here


Balance Patch 3662

Hi everyone,

The new balance patch 3662 is live now. You can find the patchnotes and more information here:

As usual, your opinion and feedback is welcome in the forum and we wish you good luck and much fun playing with the new patch!



LegendOfTheStars End-of-Year-Championship 2016 and Qualification Tournaments

Hi everyone,

the qualification tournaments are already on the way and the tournament has been talked about a lot, but I’m happy to officially announce the LegendOfTheStars End-of-Year-Championship 2016!

Click to see the trailer

The tournament features the best 16 FAF players competing for the title, a unique trophy, and a cash prize in a series of exciting games!

Four of the players have already claimed their spot and proved that they are worthy to compete to be the best. Four more spots will be achieved by the winners of the next qualification tournament, holding place next Saturday.

The tournament will take place on the 17th & 18th of December and will be broadcasted live! The coverage will begin around 15:00 GMT, don’t miss the biggest FAF event of the year!

All prizes are sponsored by LegendOfTheStars, who made this tournament possible and deserves all credits for it. Thank you very much!

* First Prize – AU$500 and the trophy as FAF Champion 2016

* Second Prize – AU$150
* Third Prize – AU$50

The competitors are:
1. Zock
2. Petricpwnz
3. keyser
4. OxideIon
5. ???
6. ???
7. ???
8. ???
9. ???
10. ???
11. ???
12. ???
13. ???
14. ???
15. ???
16. ???

Further thanks go to our most loved (and only) FAF loli for creating the promo video, to stups & tokyto as tournament directors and to arkitect for providing his great stream coverage! And to all players and contributors who make FAF possible in the first place, thank you all! Let’s have a great tournament.



The first LegendOfTheStars Tournament is completed!

Thank you to everyone for organizing, playing, casting, participating and watching.

Congratulations to the winners! You can find the results here

…or watch the recordings of arkitects great livecast on youtube:

The full cast until the finals:
The final game:


The new map rotation for september/october is here. Have fun playing ladder and discovering the new maps!


Canis River
Sentry point
break V2

Forbidden Pass
Desert Planet II
Regor VI Highlands
Saltrock Colony
High Noon
Forgotten Facilities
Dusty mounds
White Fire

Emerald Crater
Point of Reach

Maps removed:
Moonlight Pass
Syrtis Major
Eye of the Storm
Open Palms
Seraphim Glaciers